Death Note box set Price: £150.00

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£25.00 - Europe
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Surround yourself with the ultimate in "Death Note" style -- on your shelves, on your walls, and on yourself! This exquisitely detailed collection of sculptures, art and jewelry is a special release from "Death Note" publisher Shueisha, and brings fans a seven-faceted jewel of an assortment:

"Death Note" artist Takeshi Obata's lavish 120-page hardcover artbook "blanc et noir," presented in a special slipcase designed just for the DEATH BOX release!
A special 24cm-tall diorama of Light, L, and Misa figures that captures an Obata "Death Note" illustration in dynamic 3-D!
A stylized, heavy, silver-color metal shinigami skull, designed by Obata (his preliminary sketches for it are shown next to the red "3" below) -- it's a hefty handful, and you'd best use both hands to lift it!
An Obata-designed silver-color metal shinigami eyeball pendant!
A set of six replicas of Obata's color work, printed on high-quality stock, size B4 (a little under 10 x 14 inches)!
A set of six replicas of Obata's black-and-white work, also printed on high-quality stock, size B4!
An original sticker! (Well, okay, it's hard for a sticker to sound all that impressive, compared to the sculptures and art. But not only is it nice, having been made just for this set, but also, it's the seventh feature, and the number 7 has connotations of "death" in Japanese -- so hey, it makes the DEATH BOX all the better!)

All these goodies come carefully packaged in the DEATH BOX's own sturdy, foot-and-a-half-long cardboard carrycase. Weighing in at nearly 16 lbs., this is one hefty set -- and truly a treasure for "Death Note" fans!